Hazel Edwards

Prepare to be motivated. I recently interviewed Australian author Hazel Edwards, for my new Digital Kid’s Author, Author Interview Series. Hazel has published over 200 books internationally. She writes fiction and nonfiction for all ages.

What inspires me most about Hazel is her drive to evolve her career and innovate her writing, during this time of great change in publishing. She invests in learning new things and generously shares her knowledge.

She talks about:

  • Breathing new life into out of print work
  • Rights issues
  • How she published four out-of-print picture books as book apps, with two different production companies
  • Her inspiration for new work and re-purposing existing work
  • What she’s hoping to see in the future in publishing
  • Learning a new “e-thing” each day
  • And so much more

She is generous, funny and has such an open heart. This is a must-see interview if you:

  • Are a published author with work out of print
  • Are a published author creating new work
  • Want a career as a writer

Watch the video interview here:

Here are links to some of Hazel’s work:

Hazel’s Website: www.hazeledwards.com

Download Fey Mouse here. Fey Mouse was developed by Blue Quoll.
Download Fish and Chips and Jaws here.  This app was developed by Tiny Tap.

Download The Hundreds and Thousands Kid  here. This app was developed by Tiny Tap.

Download Not Lost Just Somewhere Else here. This app was developed by Tiny Tap.

Learn more about Authorpreneurship here.

Learn more about Hazel’s most famous book, There’s a Hippopotamus on our Roof Eating Cake.

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