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After turning my first children’s book into a book app two years ago; getting many things right and making some big mistakes, I started writing, speaking and coaching other writers on how to transform their books and manuscripts into book apps.

I’ve helped dozens of writers and illustrators turn their books into book apps and market their work. Read the stories of 27 writerswho’ve turned their books into book apps  in “What is a Book App and Could You Create One? How 27 Writers Did!” You’ll be amazed at how how many different ways there are to achieve this goal!

I’m the author of five eBooks (see below) and my own book app series, “Treasure Kai,” has garnered numerous accolades including Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island winning “Best in Category” at the New Media Film Festival in San Francisco  and Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold being one of only 20 apps in 2013 to be awarded 5 Stars by Digital Storytime.

What’s the Difference Between Each eBook?

“What is a Book App and Could You Create One? How 27 Writers Did”  - is the perfect introduction for the writer who is wondering if publishing their book as a book app might be right for their work. It explains what a book app is and what steps are involved to create one. And features the personal stories of 27 writers who have turned books into book apps, showing others how many ways there are to achieve this goal with different resources and budgets!

“How to Choose a Book App Developer” – presents the step-by-step process for how to choose a developer to developer their app. Presents information provided by 22 developer companies and services. This eBook is a jargon-free zone and designed for non-techy writers who are looking for someone else/another company to develop their app or want to do it themselves using an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop program that doesn’t require coding skills. This is NOT the right book for you if you are looking for information about software to code apps in (Java, iOS, Phone Gap, Corona, etc.)

“Author’s Guide to Book Apps” - the manual for helping writers understand the book app opportunity, process, how and where to source assets like narration, sound effects, music and more. It also talks about development and includes a list of developers.

“How to Market a Book App” – your book app marketing manual includes an explanation of marketing in general, how marketing a book app and children’s app is different from marketing other types of apps, free and paid techniques, case studies, reviewers list and so much more.

“6 Free Ways to Market a Book App” – focuses on the marketing techniques that are free. NOTE: this information is included in “How to Market a Book App” so don’t get both!

Free Video Training Webinar and Case Study: I take you through a case study of how we transformed a printed book into a book app. Click here to access the webinarand to watch it immediately, select “yesterday’s webinar” under date, and “now” under time.

Radio Interview on Book Apps: Recorded February 7, 2012 with Paula Kampf of Publishing Insiders Radio. This call is Book Apps 101! Click here.

Book App Workshop  - In October 2012, I presented training at a one-day intensive workshop, “How to Create and Market a Book App” in San Francisco. That one-day workshop is available in video form. Read more about the Book App Workshop you can attend on your computer, here!

Book App Academy, your how-to, Home Study Course for Creating Book Apps, Q&A and Community Support is Live NOW.  Click here!

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Wow! What a difference a day makes! I spent yesterday and well into the wee hours of this morning going through Book App Academy lessons, and I feel great about everything now. You see, I am a visual learner, and your teaching format is PERFECT FOR ME!!!! Ms Karen, You are a GENIUS!!!! and I have gotten more than triple my money’s worth already. Thank you…and Thank God!

Prior to discovering you, I was given a quote of nearly $20K for turning one book into an app. That just didn’t make sense to me in light of all of the digital storytelling apps that are on the market. I knew that all of these people were not parting with  that much money for one regular book app, so, I began googling book app development procedures, and that’s when I discovered you. When I read somewhere that you said that “if a developer quotes 10K for a basic page turner….RUN!!!”  Little did I know that you would offer me a full “Book App Education” for less that $300. What a deal! Buying this course, saved me thousands……. Yesterday, was a GOOD DAY!
Florita Bell Griffin, PhD (about Book App Academy)

“Karen’s enthusiasm and passion are infectious and it was great to be able to share my vision with someone who gets it!  Karen’s practical advice and real-life experiences during the planning stages of my app project have been invaluable.  I’m looking forward to more fun-filled, energetic and inspiring sessions as my concept becomes a reality!”
Janeece Keller, (writer and coaching client)

“Karen’s advice, insight and encouragement have had a huge effect on the production and development of my first interactive iPad book app! Reading her “Author’s Guide to Book Apps” was the spark that ignited the flames of possibility for my husband and I when we had the initial idea for our project. I emailed Karen to thank her for writing the e-book, and right away she suggested that we talk on Skype to brainstorm ideas for my app – her friendly and enthusiastic nature made me feel like I had known her for years.  A few weeks later we met in person, and I knew that I had found not only my mentor, but a great friend. Karen lends her expert advice in a simple, straightforward and easy to understand way. I am impressed that she constantly updates and shares all sorts of useful information in the field of not only creating, but marketing book apps for children. I highly recommend working with Karen, and reading her latest e-book “How to Market a Book App”, which has a wealth of tips, tricks and statistics on how to get your app into the hands of readers. When looking for someone to guide you through the many different ways of making a book app, work with someone who has done it already! Someone who already has contacts to other developers, reviewers, and people in the know. That someone is Karen Robertson. Thank you Karen for your ongoing support & belief in our app!”
Emily Connell, Jumble Bugs, Inc. (toy designer and coaching client)

“I wanted to thank you for your marketing book for apps.  It has been a great map as I wander through this unknown territory.  Reading your books made me realize that I could do this.  Yes.  This preschool piano teacher in Iowa can produce an app.  It’s been a fabulous learning experience.”
Karri Gregor, creator of Kinderbach

” I have found Karen Robertson’s Author’s Guide to Book Apps invaluable while working through the process. Thanks, Karen!”
Ellen Senisi, Author of “Hurray for Pre-K!” Book App

“Reading Karen’s ebooks was one of the best things I ever did. They are so informative and inspiring. I know I would never have created a storybook app if I hadn’t read her books first.”
 Nina Lim – author and creator of Super Harry HD

“I went down a few paths that didn’t work out, either because the program didn’t have the functionality I wanted, or I wasn’t willing to accept their Terms and Conditions.  At the end of January, I bought the Author’s Guide to Book Apps and the last section, the Developer Notes, saved me and made the Bud the Bunny app possible, because it was there I found Demibooks and their Composer app.
Heidi Berthiaume – author of Bud the Bunny

“Thank you. I know I wouldn’t have attempted this route if it hadn’t been for all the helpful information you have provided. I love your app and my son enjoys it too! I found your ebooks very informative and I thank you for providing such wonderful information! Coming across your website was the start of my journey in this area and I am so glad it happened. I have worked for so long for other people with freelancing and never really got to see anything of my own imagination launch. This gives me hope to just keep on growing and do what I can to make progress.”
Julia Stilchen

“This book is a great resource!! …today I sent prospects some informationa about us and a list of websites. But your book is 100 times better than any website out there. My hat off to you!!! I just had a chance to really go over “Author’s Guide to Book Apps” and this is the right book for both book publishers and starting developers. It took me years to learn what you have in your book. I wish I would have had this book when we started! and you can quote me on this. :)
Alan Bigio, Bacciz

“Your talk last night was super. Here are some of the points that I thought made it that way: 1) You were right on top of the APP issues. 2) You expressed how terrible you were with computers (because I think most of us are scared of jumping in so you put us at ease) 3) You had great show and tells 4) you have fought the battle we’re all fighting and you are seeing the light of day, giving us all hope the sun does shine up there through the haze. 5) You were honest and straightforward about the market and what we could expect 6) You answered all the questions openly and lighted up a new pathway because most of us are very apprehensive about the coming ebook market. 7)Finally, you were enthusiastic about what you’re doing. Enthusiasm inflames. Well done.”
Mark Thomason, Author

” I can’t tell you how helpful all of this information has been and how great of you to share all of your experience! I have been researching this all on my own since April and finally felt some relief when I accidentally stumbled across your book. Wow, saved me tons of time researching!!”
Nicole Fonovich, President of Lucas Lashes Partnership

“Karen, wow! What a mother lode of phenomenal information! You really have your finger on the pulse…I’ve been doing a lot of searching and while there is a lot of info available for eBooks and how to make them, there’s not much out there for those of us who are in children’s publishing and want to go beyond just creating a digital version of “text” or even text simply accompanied by some illustrations. Yikes! hooray! And thank you!”
Karen Fredericks, Writer and Illustrator

“Karen is not only a model of success as an app developer, she is the consultant who can design a strategy of success for new app developers.  She teaches the basics of the app development business, insuring that your foundation is solid.  She advises as you develop your app, careful not to impose on your creativity, yet helping you to avoid mistakes.  She encourages you to find your niche, often recognizing your talents before you do.   And from step one, she is having you think, decide, and develop your platform for marketing with Social Media.”
Cyndie Sebourn, Writer, Teacher and Coaching Client